Real Estate Roof Inspections

Daddario Roofing Company works with Real Estate agents and their clients to provide a comprehensive roof inspection report which includes a DESCRIPTION of the roof, FINDINGS, RECOMMENDATIONS (work recommended, and a price to do this work), and LIFE EXPECTANCY. Daddario Roofing Company specializes in Real Estate Roof Inspections. We have been performing Real Estate Roof Inspections and worked with hundreds of agents for over 3 decades!

Inspections are performed within 2-3 business days of an order or on a rush basis when needed. Daddario Roofing will call and provide a verbal explanation of the roof inspection to the agent, usually the same day we are out. The next day, the prepared report is e-mailed or faxed. Billing can be sent directly to the Title Company or whomever is requested. If the work is authorized, Daddario Roofing will schedule the repairs on your requested date (weather permitting). We will complete the work, and issue a “Notice of Completion” and “Leak Free Warranty” if applicable. Billing will be sent to the appropriate parties, usually the Title Company.

Request a Residential Roof Inspection Now! Or, call us at  (408) 286-1606 or (800) 930-4445  to schedule a Residential Real Estate Roof Inspection now.

Inspections are $175.00 if paid at time of inspection, or $215.00 per report billed through escrow!  See below for exceptions:

Please note:  The above prices are good in Santa Clara County as far north as Milpitas in the east bay, or Los Altos and Mountain View on the west side of the bay.  There is an additional charge to go north of these locations.  The prices above also apply for Santa Cruz County.  There is generally an additional charge to go into mountain areas of both counties.  Thank you.